Nine Faux NPA Surrenderees : 9th IDPA’s Desperate Psy-war Campaign

The 9th Infantry Division Philippine Army (IDPA) boasts of nine members of the New People’s Army (NPA) who allegedly surrendered under their command in Albay last week. This tall tale of NPA surrenderees were highlighted during scripted press conferences and interviews they held – all to inculcate in the minds of the common masses that military forces have been successful in disbanding and dissolving the revolutionary movement, the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) and the NPA both in the provincial and regional levels.

This psy-war offensive only serves as a guarantee for foreign investors, who attended the recently concluded Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) hosted by the subservient Aquino regime, that they can freely continue plundering the region’s natural resources without threat of the masses’ armed defiance. Meanwhile, Ben Gen Ferdinand F Quidilla, aiming to reach the ‘resounding success’ of the Division’s former Commander, also reaps the benefit of the faux surrender through a swift momentum in his military career. The gimmick also entitled Quidilla’s gang of mercenaries to the funds allotted for the Comprehensive Local Integration Program (CLIP) of their division.

The latest NPA surrender hoax starkly deceives media practitioners and the masses. Much to the people’s shame, 9th IDPA went as far as introducing only one among the supposedly nine surrenderees due to ‘security reasons’. However the so-called Ka Rolex that the military are so full of, is a former member of the NPA who admitted his lack of decisiveness and readiness to face the trials and sacrifices of waging a people’s war. His stint within can only be described as rogue and fickle as he shied away from the movement’s discipline. From then on, he went back to being a simple kaingero in his hometowns Manito, Albay and Bacon, Sorsogon. In 2013, a CAFGU acquaintance blew the whistle on him. He was arrested at Sto. Nino, Bacon, Sorsogon and was forced to create statements defiling a target NPA military cadre in the province.

This is no different from prior gimmicks of the division in the provinces of Catanduanes (2010) and Sorsogon (2014) where former NPA members were indoctrinated to the rotten maxim of the 83rd infantry Batallion at 31st Infantry Batallion Philippine Army.

The NPA, through booming series of tactical offensives during the third and fourth quarter, has already refuted these desperate measures of the military to conceal their undeniable losses during the first two quarters of this year. During the months of September and October, revolutionary offensives countered the excesses of the Project Development Team Operation (PDTO) and US-Aquino’s deep allegiance to imperialist plunder as was publicized through the nation’s hosting of the APEC Summit last November 18, 2015.

The New People’s Army, as genuine champions of the masses, reiterates its truthfulness to its revolutionary duty of remoulding. Criticism and Self -Criticism (CSC) is an effective tool for every revolutionary. It is a must to devote high regards towards the regulations and the discipline as held by the NPA’s 3-8.


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