Revolution is the People’s Relief


Statement on the 42nd foundation anniversary of the National Democratic Front of the Philippines

With teeming joy, the National Democratic Front – Bicol extends its most fervent greetings to the Bicolano people and the revolutionary allied organizations of the National Democratic Front of the Philippines in celebrating the 42nd foundation anniversary of the NDFP this 24th of April, 2015.

Under the proletariat’s leadership, the NDF has embodied the people’s revolutionary aspirations in establishing a truly independent, just, and progressive nation in place of the rotten semi-colonial and semi-feudal society through armed revolution and the revolutionary mass movement. Only through the united front have the people forged the broadest possible alliance that gradually defeats the local oppressive and exploitative classes and their imperialist masters. Likewise, the allied revolutionary organizations of the NDF has provided favourable conditions for the exploited and oppressed classes to liberate themselves and serve the people, and veer away from the comprador-landlord domination’s schemes of pitting classes for counter-revolution.

Victories of the New People’s Army and the revolutionary mass movement in the region have inspired NDF allied organizations as well as legal democratic forces in intensifying and widening their struggles against the forces of imperialism and the local oppressors. The people are emboldened to wage revolution with abounding news of triumphant NPA actions against the armed forces of a reactionary state, environmental plunderers, and criminals. Also, whenever Bicol’s guerrilla fronts pulsate with campaigns on agrarian revolution and building of organs of red political power, peasants and their allies discreetly celebrate the establishment of genuine democracy stemming from the countryside.

The united front’s determination to advance the people’s democratic revolution in stages up to the day of final victory has enabled the people to fight succeeding regimes that have exposed themselves as imperialist puppets and anti-people. Such fortitude has by far sharply confronted the current US-Aquino regime now teetering towards warranted overthrow because of its numerous crimes. Aquino’s now faced with an ever-growing united front of classes and sectors that its regime has persecuted, and an increasing mass of disgruntled state military and police elements may be roused to take the side of the people. Subsequently, these enlightened elements from the reactionary state forces may bring in even more sizable sections from their ranks to become pivotal in the ouster of the US-Aquino regime.

Nonetheless, all-out intensification of the armed struggle and the revolutionary mass movement should encourage patriotic and progressive forces, and even the broader masses, and step up the momentum in ousting Aquino who has become extremely despised for hisanti-national, anti-people, and brutal regime.The people and their revolutionary forces thrash arguments by pork-barrel recipients and Public-Private Partnership beneficiaries that Aquino’s vice president is also corrupt and that the 2016 elections are already close. Aquino’s grave crimes ask for the people’s moral fight to disallow him to spend a day more in power so that the nation is saved from his further offenses. And while it is acknowledged that the people yearn to break the chain of one puppet and anti-people regime succeeding another, they must exercise their extra-constitutional will to put up a transition council composed of well-meaning individuals that would pave the way for a truly credible election.

Reasons for Ousting Aquino

While the Mamasapano disaster has all the more earned Aquinothe people’s outrage,thebulk of crimes committed throughout his office term have early on laid down the sound foundations to call for his ouster. Most disparaging of the US-Aquino’s malfeasances are its absolute puppetry to US imperialism and blatant violation of the constitutional ban on foreign military bases and troops, its gross and systematic corruption in violation of the constitutional power of the purse belonging to Congress, the intolerable economic and social suffering of the people due to increased plunder and crisis, and the rampant human rights violations by its security forces. Overthrow of the US-Aquino regime is therefore a just struggle that the people must persevere in.


Aquino must be ousted because of his puppetry to US neoliberal dictates that instructs government to abandon state responsibility for public services and welfare, and instead spreads these out for profiteering of capitalists. Thus, utilities and services that should be accessible to the public are being awarded to friends, family members, and business partners who funded his 2010 campaign. Needless to say, the people are denied access to affordable social services and are now being stripped of their already inadequate incomes by the likes of Danding Cojuangco, to whom Aquino awarded vast majority of Bicol’s power distribution. Also, the Bicol Medical Center and the Bicol Regional Training and Teaching Hospital will even be more inaccessible to the poor since these are among the 72 public hospitals that the Aquino government are steadily transferring to profit-oriented entities.

Aquino’s neoliberal compliance also means the wholesale plunder of the country’s mineral resourcesby big foreign companies and big compradors.Bicol alone laments the scooping out of thousands upon thousands of hectares of land by large-scale mining companies particularly in Masbate, Camarines Norte, and Camarines Sur. These plunderers operate in partnership with the military and the local chief executives, displacing peasant communities and indigenous peoples and destroying the environment. The Aquino government has no program for a realeconomic development that it allows immense volumes of ores to be hauled off the country unrestrictedly, leaving nothing for the future generation when the people’s democratic government shall harness the country’s resources on the framework of genuine national industrialization.

Furthermore, Aquino has safeguarded US interests by pushing for constitutional revisions that would allow the unlimited foreign ownership of lands and businesses in the country.

Yet more, Aquino exhibits his boundless puppetry to US imperialism as he tramples the 1987 Constitution and embraces the entry of US military forces that have maintained yearlong presence in the country under the guise of military exercises, humanitarian work, disaster relief, “anti-terror war”, and others. More revolting is the Aquino government’s brazen misconstruing of national sovereignty to accommodate US military intervention that has reached its worst with a single entry of troops numbering to 6,000. Through the unconstitutional Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement, Aquino welcomes US’ pivot to East Asia and offers the whole Philippine territory to be used as US military bases, including the island of Panay in Catanduanes province. Evidently, Aquino’s puppetry to US imperialism could singly stand for a solid case to oust him.


Aquino must be ousted because of his regime’s unspeakable corruption that he himself epitomizes as the pork barrel king. While tens of millions of Filipinos live in poverty, it is utterly despicable that the highestbureaucrats and military officers, with Aquino at the lead, wallow in billions of stolen public money. Aquino has already been exposed of his culpability in misappropriating public funds to the presidential pork barrel through arbitrary discretion that violate the constitutional requirement of congressional approval. Even so, Aquino defies court rulings on the unconstitutionality of his Disbursement Acceleration Program, and has encouraged the persistence of pork barrel in the 2015 national budget, albeit under a new name and mechanism.

At some point, the scourge of bureaucrat capitalism has been underscored as exposed by the Aquino regime’s prominent sponsorship of this societal ill. It is to the credit of revolutionary and progressive forces that a broadening segment of the masses are educated on the system of capitalizing on public office in order to gain control of public funds and influence in enriching an individual, a family, or a clique.

The people are outraged with the rotten politics permeating every section of the executive, legislative, and judicial branches of the reactionary state, including the military and police. Aquino’s spearheading of bureaucrat capitalism sets him to connive with his minions in Congress in robbing the people’s money through unconstitutional and illegal fabrications of lump sum appropriations. Padded fund allocations from foreign loans have also become milking cows for bureaucrats and military officers, including the Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program (4Ps), Kalahi Program, Philippine Rural Development Project and PAMANA funds, which are intended to enhance the psywar and intelligence aspects of Oplan Bayanihan and dissuade the people from taking the path of revolution.


Aquino must be ousted because of severe poverty and social injustice suffered by the people as brought about by his regime’s escalated plunder and sponsorship of crisis. The vast majority of the people are compelled to make do with unjust wages and work conditions because Aquino denies them of programs for genuine land reform and national industrialization. As a result, workers and the semi-proletarians, peasants, the petty bourgeois, and their families, are subjected to hunger and loss of livelihood, ever-rising prices of goods, commodities and services, unemployment and job evictions, demolitions of settlements, deprivation of social services, and denial of democratic rights.

Bicol’s workers and employees must push for Aquino’s ouster because his collusion with capitalists continues to rob workers of just wages, and deny them of other rights and benefits. They are threatened with job losses whenever they demand for their rights and benefits. Employees of public institutions likewise face joblessness as a result of extensive privatization and cutbacks.

In exchange for their hard work, workers are paid slave wages that plunge many families into poverty. Minimum wage in the region stagnates at Php 236 – Php 260 per day, and that is if capitalists comply at all with the inadequate daily wage set by the Regional Tripartite Wage and Productivity Board. Militant unions in Bicol have estimated that a family needs no less than Php 340 to survive on three meager meals, and this amount does not even include payments for their children’s educations, medication, bills, and other expenses that ordinary Bicolano families persist on. Worse, contractual employees and farm workers barely receive Php 70 –Php 100 per day of hard work.

Correspondingly, Bicol’s peasantry must likewise push for Aquino’s ouster as they are continually being disinherited of their lands through the bogus CARP and CARP-ER – instigated cancellations of Emancipation Patents, Certificates of Land Transfer, and Certificates of Land Ownership Award. Also, the Php 83 Billion Coco Levy Funds and assets have been targeted by Aquino for privatization, denying small coconut farmers of their rightful transfer and administration of said funds. Coco levy funds forcibly taxed from small coconut farmers during the US-Marcos regime are now being pursued by Aquino to be granted to the presidential clique for profit-taking.It is deplorable how the theft of coconut farmers’ funds as once committed by landlord-compradors during the US-Marcos dictatorship will be repeated by current landlord-compradors in government represented by Aquino.


Aquino must be ousted because he directs his military and police to commit grave human rights violations in order to suppress the people’s discontent from the wide-ranging crises afflicting the nation.

Oplan Bayanihan, though a failure at defeating the people’s revolutionary movement or at least rendering it inconsequential, has earned the Armed Forces of the Philippines Commander-in-Chief liability for rampant violations of human rights and international humanitarian law. Aquino’s disreputable “counter-insurgency campaign” carries on with extra-judicial killings, abductions and forced disappearances of activists, masses, and those suspected of being NPA members. Relentless militarization and brutal operations hound the countryside, resulting in widespread human rights violations, dislocations of livelihoods and destructions of production, disruption of the people’s economic and cultural activities, and forced evacuations of peasant communities, settlers, and indigenous peoples. State forces bombard communities before unlawfully occupying public structures and stockpiling arms amidst civilian population. Deceitfully-named Peace and Development Teams do nothing but subject peasants and urban poor dwellers to physical and mental torture, and imperil the harmonious lives of targeted communities.

It is also to Aquino’s accountability that he abandons the resumption of peace negotiations with the NDFP, and violates previous agreements through arrests and filing of trumped-up cases against numerous NDFP peace consultants, including NDFP peace consultant for Bicol Reynaldo Hugo.

The NDF must persevere in waging revolution

Foundations in ousting Aquino burst with substance and moral necessity. A despised regime which has vehemently attacked the people and is now on the brink of demise must be barraged with befitting blows in order to finally defeat an enemy regime and advance closer to the total overthrow of the oppressive and exploitative ruling system. Fourteen months with Aquino still in power means fourteen more months of US control, grave corruption, grinding poverty and social injustice, and brutalities of state forces. Allowing Aquino to stay in power until his term ends on June 2016 means long, wary months of the prospects of his crimes and ineptitude against the people.

The vast majority of the Filipino people that Aquino has persecuted must join forces against their solitary enemy. It is the NDF’s role to organize the people in their millions and direct the united front of workers, peasants, petty bourgeois, and the various sectors to oust the US-Aquino regime and advance the armed revolution and the revolutionary mass movement. The NDF must persevere towards this goal.

Allied organizations of the NDF must persist in arousing members of their class and sectors, and inspire them to serve the people and be organized within any of the appropriate organizations allied with the NDF. To strengthen the NDF is to strengthen the individual allied organization. And so we must join the masses in their class and sectoral struggles, humbly learn with them, that they swarm the NDF organizations with the certainty of liberation from national and feudal crises through armed revolution and revolutionary mass struggle. In particular, we must serve the masses and join them in their struggles against landlessness, theft of the coco levy funds, unjust wages and contractualization of workers, commercialized education, US military intervention and the imperialist APEC, and other just struggles.

In adhering to the urgent task of ousting Aquino, we must seize every opportunity to expose, fight and defeat every plot of the regime. Promptness, effectiveness, and militancy must be maintained, inasmuch as Aquino and his minions are intent on carrying out criminal schemes against the people at any possible opportunity.We must support the objective of patriotic and progressive forces of establishing a transition government, while upholding the revolutionary alternative of the armed overthrowof the entire ruling system.

The joining of forces of oppressed classes and sectors for armed revolution and the revolutionary mass struggles guarantees advances in the emancipation of the Filipino people. The NDF must give foremost support to the New People’s Army and fill its ranks with the valiant members of the other allied organizations of the NDF in order for the people’s war to advance towards the stage of the strategic stalemate. Able-bodied men, women, the youth, churchpeople, medical and health workers, lawyers, teachers, and other allied members are ever welcome to serve in the people’s army.

Those who have yet to prepare themselves to the challenges of the armed struggle but wish to perform revolutionary duties may ask to be deployed transitorily in other tasks in the countryside, where there is a great needfor cadres and activists to participate in looking after the development of revolutionary mass organizations, programs on education, health and other cultural campaigns, and land reform programs and other mass struggles undertaken by the People’s Democratic Government.

Alsoon hand is the need for fulltime urban-based activists and cadres tasked to expand and consolidate mass organizations in the cities and urban areas. In order to develop to other democratic movements, the number of revolutionary workers and students must dramatically increase. This would allow for the revolutionary mass movement in the cities to wage coordinated mass struggles on a nationwide scale, and will likewise have the capability to wage various mass movements on a wide range of issues that advance national independence and democracy. An anti-imperialist study movement and propaganda war may likewise be launched and intensified among the workers, the semi-proletarian, and the petty bourgeois and inspire them to serve the people.

The revolution offers optimal possibilities because the people have sharply grasped their oppressed situations and the power of their collective action to command their paths. Under the guidance of the proletariat, the united front surges in their millions and fervently establishes people’s governments and strengthens the people’s army across the nation. This makes certain their complete triumph over the landlord-comprador domination and their US imperialist masters, and commences a social system free from oppression and exploitation.

Long Live the People’s Democratic Revolution!

Long Live the Filipino People!

Ka Maria Roja Banua


National Democratic Front – Bicol


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